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Your company depends on solid business data.

In order to effectively compete and successfully grow in today’s global marketplace, companies depend on accurate and current business data. Information needs to be consistent between departments and easily accessible. Reports need to be reliable and up to date so that key individuals can make crucial decisions for the company.

Unfortunately, this is not always accomplished. Many companies experience a variety of problems when they try to use their business data to determine customer behaviors, understand market trends, evaluate internal operations, and measure many other aspects of the business. Such problems include:

Performance challenges in collecting timely data

  • Inconsistent data
  • Report customization requests that tax IT resources
  • Incorrect data associated with reports
  • Lack of metrics that allow the business to measure performance


Hybrid Vision Technology’s Data Analytic and Visualizations offering will help you understand your organization’s current reporting environment, develop a plan to improve and streamline that environment by leveraging reporting and analytic and visualization tools, and empower your team to take ownership of that data.

The final result of the engagement will provide you with a set of documents that detail a clear upgrade path as well as configuration and governance recommendations for the new environment. Beyond the documentation, Hybrid Vision Technology will provide you with:

  • an awareness of the capabilities of the reporting and analytic technologies
  • details on how to best leverage those technologies for your specific environment.



Gain maximum performance while taking advantage of the latest system improvements. Developing reliable reporting and analytic capabilities is critical to your business. Helping you leverage technology effectively is our business. Put our passion to work for you!


Below are the deliverables for Hybrid Vision Technology’s Reporting and Analysis offering:

  • Technology Comparison – Hybrid Vision Technology will perform a return on investment (ROI) analysis on the software and licensing costs associated with your current environment compared to a Microsoft-based solution that meets or exceeds your business reporting and analytic, and data visualization requirements.
  • Implementation Road map – This document lays out the plan for moving from the current reporting system to the Microsoft reporting environment, which entails both a set report and an ad- hoc environment for empowering users with their own data.
  • Proof of Concept (POC) – The POC will visibly demonstrate new reporting enhancements, additional functionality and process improvements.

Implementation Tasks

Knowledge Gathering

  • Describe functional areas impacted by reports
  • Describe and document current reporting environment
  • Understand the architecture that supports reporting
  • Define existing licensing and maintenance costs

Collaborative Design

  • Introduce Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) stack
  • Conduct Architectural Design Session for a deeper dive into a portion of the To-Be environment
  • Identify issues existing with reports today and a proposed solution in the new environment
  • Target areas where analytical tools will enhance results compared to static reporting

Roadmap Build

  • Conduct To-Be planning for reporting environment
  • Develop road map for enhanced reporting environment

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