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Yes,  they will receive a certificate of course completion from Hybrid Vision Technologies.

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That’s the beauty of our program.   Here at Hybrid Vision Technologies, we understand that you’re trying to make money and not spending it with the hopes of at least getting back the money you invested.

This is why we form a temporary partnership with your organization and we cover all of the training costs.   However, your organization will be responsible for making your facility available and advertising for the training.

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As many people as your facility can hold comfortably.    The more people attending an event, the more profit your organization makes.  We’ll bring enough instructors to be able to help all the attendees during the event as part of the package plan.  

When making the decision for the cut off of how many people can attend; think about each person sitting comfortably with a laptop for 4 to 8 hours.

[/vc_toggle] [vc_toggle title=”What if we don’t have a facility but want to host an event?” open=”false”]

No Problem!!   You have the option of hosting a virtual technical training platform.   Which would allow everyone who signs up the opportunity to train from the comforts of their home.

[/vc_toggle] [vc_toggle title=”What insurance do we have that our organization will receive our share of the profits?” open=”false”]

Good Question!!   Once the agreement has been made, a legal binding contract is signed.   We keep a copy and we give an authorized person of your organization a copy.     

[/vc_toggle] [vc_toggle title=”What do we need to do to get started?” open=”false” el_position=”last”]

Outstanding!!  You’re making the first step to a beautiful relationship.     Simply fill out our fundraining form online.

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