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Who ever heard of a fundraiser that didn’t cost any money up front?   Here at Hybrid Vision Technologies, we’ve created what you haven’t heard of.    It’s not a rumor!!

If your organization needs a high return fundraiser contact us and we’ll host an I.T. Symposium at your facility or in a virtual environment.



Just Follow These Simple Steps for  a fun and simple fundraiser.


  1. Fill out our fundraising form online.
  2. A representative will contact you.
  3. One of our representatives will design a training curricullum that you agree with, which will then be approved by one of our training architects.
  4. We’ll present you a contract for your signature and ours.   
  5. You advertise according to your public
  6. You turn the lights on if we’re doing a training at your facility.     If it’s a virtual training, you only advertise and sign people up.
  7. After the event, we’ll cut you a check.   


Here’s what to expect.

Once you contact us, someone will configure a technical training that your organization wants.

Once that is determined, we’ll put a cost per person for the training.

After that, Hybrid Vision Technologies will present a contract between us and your organization to form a partnership with the percentage split included.


After that, just sit back.     All you have to do is advertise to your friends, colleagues, neighbors, and community that your organization is hosting an I.T. Symposium and give them the information to sign up.   On the day of the symposium, all you have to do is turn on the lights and let us in.

We’ll do the work by providing selected technical training to the audience.


Once it’s over, you turn off the lights and we’ll cut you a check.    It’s that simple!!!


Here’s an example:

Joanne’s Church wanted to do a fundraiser and called Hybrid Vision Technologies.    We created a Microsoft Office training that we hosted on a Saturday.     We provided Joanne’s church with the information to advertise and a link for people to sign up.    Joanne’s Church had 125 people sign up for  the IT Symposium.      Our team showed up on Saturday and put on a tremendous training event.   After we finished, we subtracted our costs and provided Joanne’s church with a check for over $2800.00.

All Joanne’s Church did was give us a call, advertised to who they knew, and turned on the lights.     We did all the work!


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