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We’re enthused to speak to audiences about technology.    In particular, we love to engage the youth about what technology has to offer.   The focus is normally on why and how they can use technology.   We make a point to identify market trends for job opportunities, which always includes the technology career field in the top rankings.

Although we are ecstatic about other career fields that a person might choose, we want our community of friends to remember technology as an option and tell them how to achieve it.

Our Team is perfect for your next school career day, teen programs, and any middle school programs!!

Contact us about a speaking engagement and we will tailor a topic for the audience’s age in hopes of getting them excited about being technologists.



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J. Fontel is a 17 year seasoned technologist. He has an MS in Information Systems Management,BS in Technical Management, AA in Statistics/Production Management, and an AA in Microcomputers. He holds several certifications, has designed, developed, and delivered technical solutions to DOD, Military, Retail Chains, Hospitals, Public Schools Systems, Public Sector entities, and a host of other major organizations. J. Fontel has taught collegiate level IT courses, created curriculum for training corporate organizations, training kids in IT, and Adults in IT. Often loved for his ability to reach a target audience with his southern personality; J. Fontel is available for bookings!

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J. Fontel II is the Son of J. Fontel which has placed him around technology for most of his years. He is an upcoming technologist who has a heavy focus on media technology. J. Fontel II has designed, created, and produced several high school and community presentations and movies. He’s co authored several company face book and web page designs. He spends his time understanding more about how to bring media to life with technology. Complimented heavily on his interaction with buiding movies with kids, J. Fontel II is available for bookings!

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Speaking Engagements are free of charge for non-profit organizations local to the Atlanta, GA area.    All organizations that are for-profit and areas outside of the Atlanta area will be contacted with a fee schedule.

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