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Need to Know

The costs for our program is 79.95 per month.   You may choose an additional course for 9.95 per month.    However, all new students will have to take Microcomputer Operating Fundamentals for 6 weeks initially.    Afterwards, they
will automatically start the programs chosen on the admissions form.

    Parents, make sure you attend orientation and ask questions
    Purchase a headset/microphone combination set before orientation
    All new students must take Microcomputer Operating Fundamentals as their first program which lasts 6 weeks before enrolling in other programs.
    Students can enroll in up to two programs at a time after successfully completing the  6 week Microcomputer Operating Fundamentals program
    Enrollment fees are 79.95 per month and 9.95 for a second program



You will be contacted and provided 3 dates to choose for orientation.   Parents are urged to attend this online event.   This will give you the opportunity to ask questions and for us to relay information to you. We’ll also go over some of the policies at that time.

You’ll be emailed the processes and procedures prior to the class start date.

*****A headset and microphone combination is needed for our online program. Please purchase this at your earliest convenience.


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